About us

Center Dardedze was founded in 2001, with the aim to protect children from abuse. During these years, we have always actively responded to the needs of the society in particular situations. There was a time (from 2001 till 2008), when as the best solution we found a combined help for the children who have suffered from abuse, including a deeper rehabilitation program for our Support house, where children together  with one accompanying person (most often the mother) was also able to stay overnight.

But we have always set as priority the preventive work with parents, professionals, who are working daily with children. Also we do preventive work with children themselves, because we believe that educating and providing support on time, we can protect children from abuse. We are grateful to our supporters and sponsors about the opportunity to educate ourselves at international conferences, where we can learn the latest techniques in working with children who have suffered from abuse, as well as receive regular foreign and local experts support and supervisions. We highly appreciate the opportunity to visit other social organizations, thus getting inspiration for the creation of new services.

"Dardedze" team continues to provide:

  1. Counseling sessions-  for children and families faced with abuse, as well as provide support to every family with children;
  2. Develop and implement preventive programs to protect children from abuse;
  3. Perform researches, analyze legislation, gather experience and latest techniques, develop publications, provide trainings and promote childrens participation in decision-making.


Children's Rights Protection Policy (download)

Annual report 2015 


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