Theory of Change 2018 - 2022


Vision: Every child in Latvia is loved, protected, respected and cared for, living in a safe environment that is free from any kind of abuse.

Mission: To prevent any kind child sexual abuse and to provide help to children and their families who have experienced any kind of abuse.

We believe that child abuse IS preventable!

During this period Center Dardedze has set a strategic priority - prevention of child sexual abuse at all levels - primary (where there is no violence), secondary (where there is a higher risk of child sexual abuse) and tertiary (where sexual abuse has occurred, to prevent it from happening again).

Target groups:

  • Policy makers at national level
  • Municipality policy makers
  • Professionals who work with children on a daily basis
  • Parents and those involved in childcare
  • Children and young people

Principles of action: 

  • Implementing the rights of the child - the basis for all decisions and actions

We keep in mind the basic principles of children's rights in every one of our actions.

  • Ensure child participation

We involve children in decision making  affecting their lives.

  • Do not discriminate

We treat all children equally and with respect.

  • Always keep focus on the best interests of the child.

We always ask ourselves whether the decision we make will benefit the child now and in the long term.

  • Take  the strengths perspective of the child and his or her family

Every child and family has their strengths - we see not only the shortcomings, but also the resources that can help and empower

  • Do no harm

Any intervention, though well-intentioned, can cause harm, so before we act, we carefully consider, plan our actions, and then monitor the outcome.

Five-year goals:

1. Promote, at the highest level, systemic change in the protection of children and coordinated action across sectors to prevent child sexual abuse.

2. Reduce risk factors and improve protective factors in organizational environments with a view to preventing child abuse (especially child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation).

3. Change culture-based attitudes and practices that support the use of abuse.

4. To address gender inequality in relationships.

5. Ensure the availability of quality services for children who are victims of violence.

6. To promote the development of Center Dardedze.




Theory of Change

Impact:                                                Girls and boys are safe from sexual abuse


Parents and teachers have raised awareness of child sexual abuse including risks; more alert to warning signs and intervene to prevent abuse

Children behave with respect and self-respect; they operate safe touch, have good boundaries and talk to a trusted adult with any concerns.

Children with previous harmful sexual behaviour act with respect, self-respect, implementing good boundaries online and offline, and meet their needs in pro-social ways.

Each municipality has an effective, evidence-based plan to prevent child sexual abuse, which helps to identify, respond appropriately, and prevent child sexual abuse by reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors.


Information and education is made available to parents and teachers about child sexual abuse prevention


Children are educated at different ages about personal safety, respect and boundaries

Children with previous harmful sexual behaviour receive education and support to recognise past harm, learn more respectful ways of behaving online and offline and develop strong support from their parents and carers

Municipal interdisciplinary teams receive support in the development and implementation of sexual abuse plans.

Intersectional cooperation to prevent child sexual abuse is encouraged.

Contributing factors

Parents, teachers and other adults are ignorant of the scale and nature of child sexual abuse and of preventative steps they can take

Children are vulnerable to abuse through their ignorance and embarrassment about sexual matters, about safe touch and boundaries; children aren’t confident to talk to adults about concerns

Children and young people, mostly males, do not learn about or behave with respect for others; fail to exercise self-control in sexual matters; and are influenced by media and advertising in sexual matters; and have their own adverse childhood experiences

State and municipal politicians and decision-makers have not developed and implemented a system of accessible services to prevent sexual exploitation of children


Sexual Abuse and exploitation of male and female children is perpetrated by adults and peers in the settings of home, school, community and public spaces.


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