Dzimba safety program


Dzimba safety program

Dzimba Safety program is child focused program for reducing child victimization. We believe that every child should receive instructions on personal safety that are positive, comprehensive and effective as well as parents and educators should receive support and guidelines on how to teach personal safety to their children. The goals of the program are:

  • To enhance a child`s ability to avoid victimization
  • To enhance a child`s self-esteem
  • To reduce the feelings of guilt and blame that often are associated with victimization
  • To promote disclosure of abuse and victimization
  • To enhance and coordinate community response
  • To enhance communication between parents and children about personal safety
  • To reinforce adult supervision and protection
  • To deter offender behavior

Dzimba Safety trip for 1st – 2nd grade students

Dzimba Safety Trip for 1st – 2nd grade students is three hour long preventive educating, interactive program with the aim to teach children skills of personal safety in contacting with other people – familiar persons, strangers, equals of age or grown-ups. During the program children live through different situations which help children to know how to recognize dangerous situations, how to react and where to turn for help. Safety trip takes children to Brave Dzimba – protective character who has come to live in Latvia from special island to pass on the knowledge of communication which is important in order to reduce the risk for child to become victim of abuse, cruelty and malpractice and encourage self-esteem and skills of how to react in different situations. This program also involves teachers and parents with a purpose to continue the discussion with children after the program. At the end they receive methodology that can be used in work with children, continuing to educate children about personal safety in contacting with other people, in order to ensure that skills and knowledge obtained remain.

Dzimba Safety lessons in kindergartens

This is a 30 – 40 minute long interactive lesson in kindergartens where a trainer teaches children the lesson of „My body is MINE” safety rule. During the interactive activities children learn the difference between a safe and unsafe touching, about the things that can be and things that shouldn`t be kept in secret. The main goal of the lesson is to help children identify adults whom they could trust if someone would touch them inappropriately and to encourage them not to keep it in a secret. After the lesson kindergarten teacher receives a folder of materials that can used in the further work with children to refresh their knowledge of the personal safety issues

Dzimba Safety program in pre-schools, 9 step program

 In 2009 Center “Dardedze” developed a 9 step preventive educational program to be applied in 500 kindergartens and child care institutions in Latvia. There were 600 professionals trained who became Safety trainers and carried out the 9 step program in their work places. One 40 minute safety lesson was included in the regular pre-school curricula during the 9 week period. Parents were informed with a special letter every week, introducing them with the Safety issues children have learned during the week and giving them special home work to be completed together with children. Children`s safety knowledge was tested before and after program. After the completion of the program 90% of children could recognize potentially dangerous situations, knowing how they should act in these situations. Also parents were surveyed before and after the program. 83% of parents indicated that their children did not have sufficient Safety skills and knowledge. After the program 88% parents recognized the program as a very effective tool in provoking dialogue among parents and children and helping parents to discuss various potentially dangerous situations with their children, as well as letting parents assess their own parenting style with their children.

Džimba Safety Summer Schools

It is a 4 day interactive prevention program for children 4 – 7 years old, involving their parents. This program is a fun, interactive way to learn Safety rules in relationship with other people – adults, peers, strangers and also people children know well. 

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