Courage to be friendly


Courage to be friendly

As the base for this project has been the study made by The State Inspectorate For Protection Of Children`s Rights, where they found out that 32% of respondents (students) have experienced physical abuse at school and 41% have experienced emotional abuse. The study found that 76% of respondents (students) have ridiculed and made gossips about other peers due to a difference in appearance, belief, attitude or behavior. 51% of respondents admitted that they feel excluded!

“Courage to be friendly” is program for 5-9 grade students

We have developed a special program based on the Sweden`s 10 years of experience in the fight against peer abuse or anti-bullying. Program is based on a play in which each student can identify themselves either as abuse doer, or victim, thus directly encouraging to analyze their behavior in a similar situation. After the play there is conversation with the audience about what happened in a play and what particular class has experienced in similar situations. At the end students are invited to sign a "memorandum” where they will try to join for mutual friendship, tolerance, respect.

Program “Courage to be friendly” includes:


What teachers say about the program?

 “As far as I know teachers were also very pleased. Students have slightly changed attitude towards their peers, at least they feel better at school now. Activities were completely planned, sequential and correct. I hope that the same 40 minutes session can be held for the 4th grade!”

"This lesson was very good and very appropriate for the selected student group. The theater part was the most effective and very well thought-out. Agents had very good communication skills with students. The lesson for the children "spoke" to them because afterwards they held a discussion about bullying. Friendship memorandum was very good. This lesson seemed to be too short and I hoped that there would be continuation. Students now have understanding about the concept bullying. It was observed that children in the class began to behave friendlier towards castaway children. Agents managed to make students to think.”

What students themselves say about the program?

“The story (play) was very instructive. This led to thinking and realizing that we really need to think what we are doing and what we say. “

 “I am happy that people tell such things at our school! We can be very proud! “

“A very interesting lesson, now I understand why I have lost a lot of friends ““Today, I understood that one word is enough to hurt person, and a smile to make a brighter day!”

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