13th International Conference of Centrs Dardedze “Harmful sexual behavior – can a child hurt a child? How to Understand and Help”

When we think of child sexual abuse, unacceptable relationships between adults and children come to mind. However, internationally recognized child protection organizations have studied that one in three cases happens between children. At the Centrs Dardedze, we also receive calls from parents and professionals about this little-known topic on a weekly basis, so this year we will dedicate our annual conference to the topic of harmful sexual behavior among children.

Time: 26 October 2022 10:00-5:00 p.m. (Eastern European Time)

Event format: online (Zoom)

Registration: https://ej.uz/dardedze2022

Target audience: pre-school and schoolteachers, social workers, psychologists, orphan’s court workers, crisis center workers, out-of-family care professionals, foster families, police officers, and other child protection professionals and decision-makers.

Moderator: Valdis Melderis

Simultaneous translation into Latvian and English will be provided for all presentations.

Registered participants will be able to watch the conference online free of charge.

More information: konference@centrsdardedze.lv

The core activities of Centrs Dardedze in 2022 -2023 are supported by EEA and Norway Grants through the Active Citizens Fund. The conference is organized in cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, the Embassy of Sweden, and the live broadcaster “No limits”.

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