How to help a child after a traumatic event or violence?

Russia’s escalating invasion in Ukraine has caused suffering to millions of people, including children.
The experiences of the last months – shock, fear, cruelty they experienced, hardships that families
have had to endure, loss of loved ones in Ukraine, uncertainty about the future – all inevitably have
lasting consequences in children’s hearts and minds. But we, the adults who are with the child, can
help the child get through this extremely devastating experience.

As some of the Ukrainian refugees are also located in Latvia, the Dardedze Center wants to help
parents, relatives, teachers and other close people understand how to support a child after
experiencing violence or psychological trauma and provide a greater sense of security. We invite you
to watch the recording of the webinar of our psychologist Anastasia Pushnakova, which is currently
available in Ukrainian, Latvian and Russian.

Webinar video in Ukrainian