Jimba’s (Džimba) Safety Programme

In Jimba’s training classes, preschool and primary school children learn about personal safety issues interacting with other people in an interesting and exciting way. Children learn that their bodies belong exclusively to them, learn the difference between good and bad touching, and learn to distinguish between good and bad secrets.

Understanding personal safety in interaction with other people prevents the risk of violence. Children who have adequate knowledge of their bodies and know how to deal with unsafe situations are much less likely to be victims of violence.

Visiting Jimba – one of the most exciting adventures that teaches children about their personal safety in their relationships with others is visiting the brave Jimba who lives in Dardedze Centre in Riga. We have recently renovated Jimba’s premises – now we can invite a whole class of children (up to 30) to our colourful adventure.

Jimba’s visiting school – an off-site Jimba’s Safety Programme training for children who, due to distance or other reasons, find it difficult to get to Jimba’s home in Riga. Meeting big Jimba is a special event for children, and the positive emotions help them discuss safety topics in a positive and relaxed atmosphere. This training focuses on the limits of the child’s personal safety.

Jimba’s Safety Steps Programme – the programme trains instructors – Jimba’s agents who become personal safety teachers in their own kindergarten or school. Preschool teachers and methodologists, as well as social educators, psychologists, and similar specialists can become Jimba’s agents. Jimba’s 11-Step Safety Programme is a series of 11 lessons for children between the ages of 5 and 10. The objective is to educate children about personal safety, mitigating the risks of violence in their lives.

Jimba’s Safety Camp – in the summer, we run 5-day safety schools, where children between the ages of 5 and 10 gain useful knowledge about personal safety and ways to protect themselves in interpersonal relationships.

​For more information about Jimba’s Safety Programme, please visit www.dzimba.lv or call 67600685.