Looking for partners for Jimba’s Safety Programme Evaluation

Centre Dardedze, supported by the Oak Foundation’s Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Programme, is seeking partners (individuals and organisations) to conduct an evaluation of Centre Dardedze’s Jimba Safety Programme.

Center Dardedze is a Latvian non-profit organization based in Riga aiming to prevent all forms of violence against children, with a priority focus on prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Jimba safety programme is a prevention programme developed by Center Dardedze. The programme aims to enable young children (ages 4-10) to recognise and appropriately deal with harmful behaviour, demonstrate self-respect and respect for others, increase their self-esteem and self-worth and model safe and respectful relationships. The Jimba Safety programme achieves this by creating an environment where children are safe from abuse, and adults are empowered to support them. The programme aims to give education professionals and parents the confidence, skills and knowledge to teach children about and role model safe relationships. This helps to protect children from abuse and teaches them to act respectfully to others.

The evaluation is being commissioned at a moment following a recent review of the Jimba safety programme design and in anticipation of scaling the programme internationally beyond it’s current operations in Latvia. The primary objective of the evaluation project will be to generate understanding about the programme’s effects and to what extent and how different models of Jimba have created these. The secondary, but equally important objective, is to generate an evidence base that can be used to showcase the value, benefits and future priorities for maximising the impact of the programme. Also important will be the exploration of the contextual backdrop of Child Sexual Abuse emergent trends, and the opportunities, risks and other contextual factors that could support or hinder the effectiveness of Jimba’s Safety Programme.

Centre Dardedze is looking for international evaluation partners to commission this evaluation project to complete.

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