Read between the lines. Campaign against child sexual abuse

In November 2023, “Centrs Dardedze” organized an educational campaign “Read between the lines” with an aim to prevent child sexual abuse by educating parents and wider society.

Child sexual abuse does not leave anyone indifferent, but being horrified does not help any child – our active action does. Each of us can take action to protect children – we invite parents to visit the knowledge platform on our homepage, find out what risks children should be protected from and how to do it in your everyday life. The educational platform for parents is available on the website

As part of the campaign, a special “Creative safe space” was created in Riga, Brīvības Street 40, where, through drawings and texts, it was possible to leave one’s emotions on the walls of the room about the theme of the campaign, as well as to practice talking about the confusing and sharing ideas for the protection of children.

“The most terrible and destructive thing is silence. Nothing is solved in it, but with every moment, with every year, the weight only gets heavier and suffocates not only yourself, but also the people close to you. And the only way out is to start talking – at least initially by dancing, singing, drawing, acting out, walking around, but start talking,” said campaign ambassador, actress and director Inga Tropa.

Several events were also held in the “Creative safe space” – discussion about the role of parents in protecting children, discussion on the role of educational institutions in protecting children and a workshop of the writer Inga Žolude.

The authors of the idea of “Creative safe space” are artist, design director of “KID Design” and head of the Graphic Design Department of the Latvian Academy of Arts, associate professor Maija Rozenfelde, and Laura Lapiņa, the author of ideas and texts of the advertising agency “Magic”. Children’s drawings are used in the design of the posters.