Guide to Parenting a Teenager

Teenagers. At one point, they feel grown up and independent enough to make decisions on their own, but at other times they are confused, unsure and want parental support. This training course gives parents an understanding of what is important to teenagers at this life stage (around 10 to 16 years), what happens to them and how to successfully work with children to help them become mature and healthy adults.

During the course, you will receive answers to these and other questions:

  • A teenager is no longer a young child, but is not yet a grown-up either. What do we allow them and what do we not? How do we set boundaries if the past methods no longer work?
  • I want to have a good, emotionally close relationship with my teenager. How to talk to a teenager? How to criticise without damaging the relationship?
  • The teenager has no friends or has difficulty in relationships with peers. Can I support him and how?
  • The teenager wants to do so many things differently from us — parents, often rebelling, protesting. How much resistance is normal?
  • Teenager’s sexuality. What sexual behaviour is appropriate, what is not? What is sexting? Will talking to a teenager about sexuality not courage him to have sex sooner?
  • The teenager is reserved and I do not know how he feel. What to do if we are not used to talking about emotions?
  • We all ‘explode’ – both teenagers and parents. How to help yourself and your teenager express emotions in a way that does not harm oneself or others?
  • How does the parent of a teenager feel? How to take care of yourself?

During the course, a variety of work methods are used – exercises in pairs and groups, role-playing, discussions, small homework assignments are given to reinforce what has been learnt, as well as parents have a chance to share their experience and hear the experiences of other participants.

Course duration: 10 lessons (3 hours each), once a week.

Process: remotely, Zoom platform. Please make sure your smart device has a working microphone and camera, as this is a prerequisite for group membership.

Cost: 150 euros (249 euros for couples)

Group rules:

Adequate technical support (both video and audio function) is required to participate in online training, as active participation is required.

We suggest you consider if it will be possible for you to be in a private room during the training in order to share openly and participate actively.

The lesson series include 10 lessons – to master the course, complete attendance is required. At least 8 out of 10 lessons must be attended in order to receive the Certificate of Completion. If you are unable to attend a lesson, you need to notify the course leader.

To participate in the group, the parent must have regular contact with the child (face-to-face or at least via smart devices), as homework with the child is an essential part of learning.

If you have paid for the course, but later change your mind and notify us within 5 days before the start of the training, we will refund 70 % of the cost.

For more information, please e-mail us at; phone +371 22822140.