When there is a conflict in the family, children often find themselves in the crossfire of parental disagreements and suffer the most. This is one of the many situations in which mediation can help the family as a constructive way of resolving conflicts.

Mediation is a structured conversation aimed at resolving disputes through a neutral third party. The conversation involves both parties to the conflict and lead to an agreement on a mutually beneficial solution. The focus is not on the causes of the problem and past events, but on solutions for the present and the future.

During mediation, certain basic principles are followed:

  • Confidentiality (including that the mediator cannot go to court as a witness);
  • Volunteering (both parties are interested in finding a solution to the problem);
  • Neutrality (the mediator does not represent either party).

Mediation services can be used in such cases as:

  • Dispute resolution before the court;
  • In the event of conflicts between couples, including divorce;
  • Disputes between parents and children (if children have reached the age of adolescence);
  • School disputes (between school management, educators, and parents);
  • Before a meeting with a child in the presence of a third party;
  • In case of other disagreements.

The mediator service costs 40 euros/hour. If there is a child under 18 in the family, the national support programme offers 5 hours of free counselling.

The service in Dardedze Centre is provided by Marika Uškāne, a certified mediator, Riga Stradiņš University lecturer and mother of 4.

Apply by phone – +371 67600685.