Guide to Parenting a Teenager (train the trainer)

Training course for social workers, psychologists, educators, upon completion of which the specialist can independently lead training and support groups for parents of teenagers.

The GPT programme at a glance

Parents of teenagers are often the ones who feel confused and do not know how to form a relationship with their teenage children. One moment children feel grown-up and independent enough to make independent decisions, another – they are confused, uncertain and want help and support from their parents. In order to provide parents with an understanding of what is important for teenagers at this age, what is happening with them and how parents can successfully work together with their children, Dardedze Centre has developed a training programme for parents of teenagers ‘Guide to Parenting a Teeanger’ (GPT).

The programme has been improved and revised in 2019/2020, in the light of current information and experience gained from running groups for parents of teenagers.

The programme includes 10 topics:

  • Introduction to the GPT programme.
  • Characteristics of teenager, rights, responsibilities and encouragement of independence.
  • Parent-teenager relationships and communication.
  • Healthy lifestyle.
  • Teenager’s sexuality.
  • Teenager’s social skills.
  • Self-regulation of emotions.
  • Discipline.
  • Life skills.
  • Taking care of oneself.

Participants of the training group follow the programme, receiving both the necessary theoretical material and practical skills, while running their own parent groups. Group leadership is a mandatory part of the training course. It takes place online, with all group members leading them in pairs, which are established during the first session after meeting and getting to know each other. 

Participants in the training course who have attended the classes and fulfilled the requirements of the training course receive a certificate entitling them to lead the ‘Guide to Parenting a Teenager’ parent training groups.

Please, get acquainted with the conditions for successful mastering of the training programme.

Course duration: 7 lessons (each lesson lasts for 6 academic hours)

Cost: 439 euros (per person)

Venue: online (Zoom platform)

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