Pathways to Competence (train the trainer)

Training course for social workers, psychologists, educators, upon completion of which the specialist can independently lead training and support groups for parents.

Parents with young children tend to have many questions about raising children. The training course ‘Pathways to Competence’ allows parents to better understand their child’s behaviour from birth to the age of 7, as well as helps them gently correct their child’s behaviour when the child is unruly, disobedient or aggressive. The objectives of the ‘Pathways to Competence’ programme are to:

  • Build your child’s trust and reduce anxiety;
  • Strengthen self-esteem;
  • Develop communication skills;
  • Promote the child’s involvement in various activities;
  • Foster relationships with peers;
  • Promote self-regulation of emotions.

Participants follow the programme by receiving both theoretical material and practical skills, while simultaneously leading their own parent groups. Group leadership is a mandatory part of the training course. It takes place online, with all group members leading them in pairs, which are established during the first lesson after meeting and getting to know each other.

Participants of the training course, who have attended 90% of the classes and successfully passed the final exam, receive a certificate authorising them to lead the parent training group ‘Pathways to Competence’. The certificate is issued for full participation in the group (the participant is present – visible, audible and ready to get involved). If the participant does not participate in the training process (does not participate in work groups, does not respond to questions, etc.), we reserve the right not to issue a certificate.

Course duration: 7 lessons (11-16.30)

Cost: 439 euros

Venue: online (Zoom platform)

  1. Lesson 1 (Introduction): time is given to find participants, place.
  2. Lesson 2: steps 1 and 2
  3. Lesson 3: steps 3 and 4 + supervision
  4. Lesson 4: steps 5 and 6 + supervision
  5. Lesson 5: steps 7 and 8 + supervision
  6. Lesson 6: steps 9 and 10 + supervision
  7. Lesson 7: conclusion

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