Therapeutic methods

The training course prepares the psychologist for working with a child who has been abused. It will equip you with the skills and tools to effectively help a child with their traumatic experience, and with the symptoms and consequences this event has had on the child and the family.

The training covers the key topics that are important to work on when a child has been abused. Techniques for successful first contact with the child, techniques for focusing on awareness of reality and strengthening autonomy, promoting awareness and self-regulation of emotions, focusing on appropriate thoughts and understanding of what has happened, promoting the ability to have hope/belief for a positive future. The training also covers methods for dealing with guilt after violence, strengthening the child’s relationship with the non-violent caregiver, and dealing with sexuality.

The training includes practical work, discussions, sharing of experience, at the end of the training a plan is created on how to work with the child, setting a goal for cooperation and choosing appropriate methods.

We welcome practising psychologists (with a master’s degree or in the final year of master’s studies) to attend this training. At the end of the training, each participant receives a book on therapeutic methods for working with abused children in Latvian.

Venue: online (ZOOM)

Led by: psychologists Liene Nikolajeva and Daina Dziļuma

Course duration: 3 days (24 academic hours)

Cost: 249 euros

To apply for the training course, please fill in the APPLICATION FORM.

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