Psychological counselling

Psychological counselling helps to address psychological difficulties, to identify and to apply one’s strengths, to cope with traumatic experiences, to change ineffective behaviour patterns, to overcome difficulties, to achieve goals and in other situations.

We offer counselling to children:

  • who experience disturbing fears, anxiety;
  • who have suffered the loss of a loved one;
  • who have experienced violence or had other traumatic experiences;
  • who are in need of emotional support during procedural activities (including criminal proceedings);
  • who have difficulty building relationships with peers (difficulty to cooperate, control themselves, insecurity, etc.);
  • who require a deeper understanding of personal safety in communication with others;
  • who require help in the process of forming a positive self-esteem;
  • as well as in other cases.

Counselling services for children are recommended starting from the age of 6 or 7.

We offer counselling for adults:

  • when it is necessary to improve parenting skills (to acquire positive disciplining skills, to understand the peculiarities of the child’s age, to improve the understanding of the child’s emotional needs, etc.);
  • who want to renew or improve the relationship with their children;
  • who need psychological support in a crisis situation;
  • to support parents if a child has been abused;
  • by providing emotional support to the family when the child is involved in procedural activities (including criminal proceedings);
  • to process the parent’s experience of childhood violence;
  • with the aim of helping to end destructive relationships;
  • to improve emotional well-being and resolve other psychological difficulties.

Cost of a session: 50 euros

Sessions take place once a week, at a pre-arranged time and day.

At the end of the cooperation, in accordance with the requirements of the Law on Psychologists, a cooperation report is prepared.

In what situations could psychological counselling be ineffective?

  • For people with mental disorders who are unaware of their difficulties and do not take medication prescribed by a doctor;
  • For children whose parents continue to have destructive conflicts and involve the child;
  • For people with significant intellectual difficulties who would find it more useful to acquire or improve specific skills in a real-life environment with the help of an assistant;
  • People who have a strongly negative attitude towards counselling or lack an understanding of their difficulties and therefore are unmotivated to accept psychological help.

Application: by phone 67600685 or 29556680, or by e-mail